Golf Coaching in Cumbria with Bev New

My testimonials page will give you an excellent idea of how well my previous courses have been received. A great number of these testimonials are taken from my previous appointment (Lansdown Golf Club, Bath) where from 2012 – 2015 I provided golf coaching sessions for senior and junior members.

Private Golf Lessons

I offer a variety of lessons and coaching programs available for all skill levels. In preparation for your lesson we will discuss your individual needs and build the golf coaching around your requirements, for example you may wish to concentrate on your short game. In which case we could focus on:

  • Simple methods for chipping, bunker shots, pitching and putting
  • Swing technique, on course management and strategy and confidence building
  • Posture and alignment
  • Pre-shot routine.

Junior golf lessons at Cockermouth Golf Club, Cumbria

If you would like junior coaching sessions I am happy to help you improve your game and have had experience developing young players through to elite youth performers. During my time at Lansdown Golf Club I also held fun weekend under-18 training sessions for boys and girls.

Lesson prices

Individual 1/2 hour session £25
3 x 1/2 hours £60
Group lessons get into golf £5 per hourly sessions
Juniors group lesson £5 per hourly session
Individual juniors 1/2 hour £10